A totally free, virtual event that will show you how to take control of your life and design a future of success and happiness...

3 day challenge starts December 7th!

The Change Up Your Life Challenge Is A 3 Day FREE Life Transformational Event!

Happening December 7th - 9th

  • Stuck in an unfulfilling career? Discover your true purpose and start designing a future that fills you up internally (along with your bank account).
  • Going through life on default? Stop coasting though life and take control. Start experiencing what it’s like to live your ultimate life. 
  • No time for loved ones? Learn how to create a life of freedom where you have more time than ever before to do the things you love with the ones you love. 
  • Feeling stuck in life? Create a life plan that you're excited and confident to start taking action on as soon as the challenge finishes!
  • Not sure what direction to take? Gain crystal clear clarity around your life goals, needs and wants.
  • No time for yourself? Create a life of balance where you excel in your career yet still have time to take care of the most important person in your life (you).

The Goal Of This Challenge...

Is that you walk away from the 3 days with a concrete plan on how to create a future where you wake up every day inspired, happy and fulfilled by the work you do and the life you live.

Make the decision to shape your own future – discover your purpose in life and learn what truly makes you happy.

Your Coach For The 3 Day Challenge...

Me. Wai Te Awe Awe. Level Up Your Life founder.

Loving mother, proud introvert and yoga enthusiast.

A few years ago I found myself in a situation where my career no longer fulfilled me and I lacked direction in my life.

That was until I went through a specific process that was the "light bulb" moment I needed. This acted as the catalyst for me to take control of my life and claim the life I deserve.

I would love to walk you through the exact same process and help you do the same...

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